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The Challenge
The high summits above 8000m are to mountaineers what the Grand Slam is to tennis players (excepting that there are no spectators at that extreme altitude).

Climbing one eight thousander is a huge achievement for the one doing so, climbing two of them in a row will require amazingly physical stamina and psychological resources.

At a glance, the expedition wil use:
  • No supplementary oxigen (above 8000m, the oxygen concentration in the air is less than one third from the one found in Bucharest)
  • No sherpa support above base camp

Considering summit success, Alex and Andrei's achievement can be summarized as:
  • The first Romanian team to have climbed two summits over 8000m in one single expedition (and one of the few worldwide doing so)
  • The first Romanian team to have climbed a summit above 8000m (Gasherbrum 1) using alpine style ( considered the purest form of high altitude mountaineering; more on
  • The first Romanian ascent of Gasherbrum 1
  • The second Romanian Ascent of Gasherbrum 2 (the late Mihai Cioroianu acomplishing the first Romanian ascent of the mountain back in 1998)

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